SCCM Pediatric Section Internet Working Group (SCCMPIWG)

The Internet Working Group is regrouping and reforming

(as in forming again, not as in improving!) Barry Markovitz if you're interested in joining...

Minutes of Earlier Meetings

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February 2000 SCCM Symposium in Orlando, Florida, February 2000
February 1999 SCCM Symposium in San Francisco, California, January 1999
September 1998 PCC Colloquium in Chicago, IL, September 1998
February 1998 SCCM Symposium in San Antonio, Texas, February 1998
October 1997 PCC Colloquium in Hot Springs, Arkansas, September 1997
April 1997 SCCM Symposium in San Diego, California, February 1997
December 1996
  • PCC Colloquium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, September 1996 (first SCCMPIWG meeting)
  • Announcement of the SCCMPIWG e-mail discussion forum
March 1996
  • SCCM 2/96
  • SCCMPIWG formation
  • Announcement of the PedsCCM Website

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