1998 Eleventh Annual Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium

Registration Form

Pre Registration Deadline: August 15, 1998

Eleventh Annual Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium

"Looking to the New Millennium"

September 16-20, 1998

Chicago, Illinois

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Course fees: (American dollars only, please)

Registration (prior to 8/15) 300.00
Registration (received after 8/15) 350.00
Total fee: $ ______

Method of payment:
Check payable to: Hope Children's Hospital
Credit Card: ____Visa ____Mastercard

Credit Card #______________________________Expiration date__________


In order to ensure accommodations for all those interested in the following activities,
please indicate if you plan to attend, and the number attending.

Wednesday, September 16 Thursday, September 17
___Welcome reception
___# attending
____Lunch Committee meetings
Friday, September 18 Saturday, September 19
___Cubs game outing
___# attending
(there will be a small additional fee to this outing)
___Caribbean Dinner Cruise
___# attending

Mail or Fax Registration to:

Pediatric Critical Care Colloquium
Hope Children's Hospital, Division of Critical Care
4440 W. 95th St., Suite 3192H
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
Phone: (708) 346-5685 FAX: (708) 346-4712

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